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Door Installation Instructions

  1. We lay the door down in the position it will be in when it is closed.
  2. Place spacers of about 2 cm between the frames in the middle of the door to create the necessary gap between the two panels and tie with wire.
  3. We place 2 isosceles corners about 2 meters long, one parallel to the top of the frame and one parallel to the bottom of the frame in order to temporarily integrate the two door panels.
  4. Dig the ground by creating a pit about 30-40 cm in diameter and at least 1/3 of the height of the column that is outside the ground. ( e.g. if the door is 1.50 m high, then the pit and the part of the column to be supported should be at least 50 cm ).
  5. Lift the door and place the pillars into the pits and align it on all sides. (we recommend a spirit level for the vertical alignment of the columns and an alpha rubber for the horizontal alignment from column to column).
  6. Place 2 temporary braces perpendicular to the door and tie them tightly to maintain the alignments we made earlier.

  7. Place 2 struts on each door post, one in the direction where the fencing will continue and the other as perpendicular to the door as possible and at the same time create an imaginary angle of at least 90° with the first one.

    the first corner post

    . The


    are attached to the door pillar with the appropriate connection rings.
  8. After we have performed the final alignment check, we are ready to grout the door pillars and struts with concrete.
  9. After 48 hours we can remove the spacers, corners and temporary braces and our door is ready to use.