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Several decades have passed since the day when the stone grid was first used to support the ground of a steep slope or the banks of a rushing river.

A practical idea of some ingenious craftsman, so simple, economical and at the same time durable, it did not take long to steal the hearts of those who saw it.

It was adopted by many.

He made the journey through time.

Our company began to develop and evolve the initial idea and soon turned it into an innovative activity with an extension to fencing and decoration.
Today, with more than 10 years of experience,

– We enclose plots and separate single spaces.
– We support slopes and form levels, while creating flower beds.
– We decorate yards, gardens and outdoor areas with pots, tables and benches.
– We build walls to hide unpleasant images, such as rubbish bins.
– We are constantly innovating, with new ideas and applications that are fully in tune with the environment.

The company provides the above technology in all its stages.

– Grid for the shaping of structures
– Undeveloped structures, ready for installation and filling by the interested party
– Delivery of the constructions in their final form
– Complete construction and installation at the site of the interested party.