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PLEXTAM applies strict safety rules in order to fully protect employees from accidents.

Great importance is attached to the protection of its staff.

In all PLEXTAM ‘s workplaces, special attention is paid to Occupational Safety in order to prevent and protect employees from accidents.


Work safety:

  • Identifying health-damaging factors and informing workers about the effects on their health.
  • Providing and monitoring the application of personal health protection equipment.
  • Taking measures and constructing facilities for health protection (pharmacy and basic equipment).
  • Maintenance of cleanliness and disinfection of premises and facilities
  • Compliance with the legislation of Greece and the EU.
  • Obtain all required permits, traffic, use, operation, handling, fire safety, building permits, etc. for all machinery, facilities and personnel.
  • Use of vehicles and facilities of high safety and fire safety standards, which are systematically checked and maintained.
  • Installation of the necessary automatic fire extinguishing systems in the machinery and installations.
  • Signage in all workplaces.
  • Control of safety systems and safe workplaces