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Η Συρματουργία Κρήτης ΠΛΕΚΤΑΜ Α.Ε. ευαισθητοποιείται και συνεισφέρει στα κοινά…

Smile of the Child

We are proud to be one of the regular supporters of the Smile of the Child, recognizing with our series its supreme social work. We offered the Smile, the house and its equipment, so that it can provide its support without any problems.

At the same time we offer transportation to any point where it is called upon to fulfill its task, such as:

  • Eleftherias Square, for its participation in the Christmas Bazaar,
  • Karavola Beach, for the conference “Forgotten games in time”,
  • Arkalochori, for its assistance to the earthquake victims of the region

Sculpture on Sand

We were present when we were asked to enclose the sculptures in the sand.

We supported the action”Sculpture in the Sand” which was held under the auspices of the Municipality of Malevizi and the support of the Region of Crete, offering the artists an unobstructed working space and we contributed to the safety of the works, until nature decides to alter them.

Φεστιβαλ Γλυπτικής στην άμμο

Central Guard Station of the former American Base

  • We were present when we were asked by the Municipality of Hersonissos to contribute to the redevelopment of the Central Outpost of the former American Base in Gournes. We provided the railing and the door to protect the effort of the Technical Service and other sponsors.
Δήμος Χερσονήσου


  • Trying to contribute to the communities of the region where we are based, the Campo Ag. Sulla, we offered the construction and installation of a house at one of the bus stops in the settlement, to protect residents and students from the weather.